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    Fit I Am helps you tackle fitness, confidence and defence with MMA sessions

    An organisation to promote fitness, and change the mindset from workouts being pathology-oriented to wellness- and success -oriented, Fit I AM has always been known to change the way you look at exercise. a�?We want to make it a way of life, and ensure that you dona��t get bored.

    We like when you workout 365 days a year, and each session is different,a�? begins Dinesh Kumar, the founder of this novel fitness centre. Following on that thought, this weekend they have tied up with the Indian Combat Sports Academy for an introductory workshop of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).
    a�?For the first time, we have

    experts to take you through the process and make you more aware of MMA,a�? explains Kumar, adding that the MMA scene in India is fast growing. a�?Ita��s open to all. You may not want to fight or need to be a warrior at heart. The idea is to get people fit and our goal is to achieve that through functional training which is fun,a�? says the trainer. And if you think that it may be too intense for you, or perhaps this is your first time ever, working out, Kumar encourages you to still go out to the workshop and theya��ve made it such that a couch potato will be able to keep up as much as a marathon runner. a�?We have developed the high intensity workout in such a way, that a person of any fitness level can attend. Aimed at anyone who would like to up their confidence, this is also ideal for women seeking to even throw in some self-defence,a�? he tells us,

    explaining that the idea is that armed with the basic knowledge of self-defence, you will improve in stature and confidence, which itself is half the battle won.
    A mixture of kickboxing as a stand up fighting art, wrestling as a takedown art and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a ground fighting art, the workshop will be action packed with some amazing moves and also provide some insight into Combat sports. a�?This one hour will make you sweat more than what you would have in a week and will be conducted by coaches Jitesh Banjan and Vighnesh Nathan,a�? Kumar tells us, elaborating that Banjan is a national Kickboxing champion and Nathan, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach.
    May 2 and May 9. Register on bookmyshow.com or the Fit I AM center in Rajajinagar. Details: 7411550010
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