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    Mixologist Ondrej Pospichal muses on the perfect drink

    THE head bartender of Londona��s trendy MASH, Ondrej Pospichal was in town this week to teach local mixologists a thing or two about creating the perfect tipple, as part of his stint as the ambassador for French vodka brand Grey Goose. We chat to the Czech national about what goes on behind the bar.

    Creating the perfect cocktail
    Ita��s not about creating what you like, you have to think of what will appeal to the customer. While in India, Ia��ve devised cocktails that are tailored to the Indian palette, and use local ingredients and spices.

    Puncha��s Indian origins
    Punch was created in India in the 17th century, and the origin of the word is paanch, because a punch has to have five elements: a spirit, something weaker such as juice, a citrus, a sweetener and then spices. In the punch that I made here, I fused vodka, pineapple juice, fresh lemon juice, a white wine syrup, and finally sage as the spice.

    Hotspots worldwide
    I enjoyed visiting Skyye bar, and was very impressed with the cocktail list and service at Bootlegger. I loved the bars in Japan, especially a cosy bar called Trench that specialises in absinthe. In London the Artesian bar at the Langham hotel is fantastic, and Lounge Bohemia is also inspiring.

    Bartending as a profession
    Mixing drinks, body language, interacting with the customer, innovation and being an all-round good host all play a part. I have a determination for people to recognise bartending as a profession.

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