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    Mix it up with some expert help at the Blue Bar today

    Andrew Quadri, the head bartender at the Blue Bar, promises to decode his signature cocktails this Valentines day. So, if you are in the mood for something fun and interactive, you might want to belly up with your significant other to the Taj West End and shake up something special with Quadria��s expert help.

    He also has a whole slew of fancy ingredients at his fingertips, so it is much easier than doing it at home. Quadri started off with a classic margarita a�� deceptively simple yet often hard to pull off. a�?Therea��s no secret to a good margarita a�� just shake up some high-quality tequila, fresh lime juice and orange liqueur, rim the glass and pour.a�? But what makes a great margarita? a�?Ita��s all in the fresh ingredients. Never use premixes and lime juice that has been sitting out for a couple of hours. Fresh juice margaritas also work because the real flavor of tequila comes through,a�? he says.

    That said, Quadri got a little more creative. His soulfully named Love me or Leave me was a refreshing mix of vodka, lime juice, a hint of coriander and cucumber. It would work nicely on a hot afternoon or a balmy summer evening. In the meanwhile, you could nibble on some hearty bar eats like prawns in Thai herbs or grilled lamb chops.

    He also saved the best for last. An aromatic cardamom-infused vodka with pineapple juice and lime. Quadri reveals that infusions are fun and easy to make. a�?Just add fruit, herbs and spices to the alchohol and wait. But it is wise to muddle the ingredients and taste them beforehand to make sure the combo works,a�? he shares.

    Rs 2,500 per head for two cocktails. At Race Course Road. Details: 9845016207

    a�� Jackie Pinto


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