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Marco Poloa��s new collection of martinis and margaritas will surprise you with a delightful burst of colours and flavours

Ita��s always fascinating when therea��s a story behind your drink and the new menu at Marco Polo, ITC Kakatiya, is full of timeless classics with an Indian twist to it. With the flavour of the local produce, the drinks made with fresh fruits and leaves have just the right content of alcohol, not too overpowering but good enough to give you a buzz.
Try the chocolate margarita made with the traditional flavours of Swiss chocolate. You can also go for a margarita in cherry, apple, melon or lychee flavours. Choose between seven types of martinis and daiquiris.
a�?I realised that most guests were ordering plain drinks, like beer or whiskey. There was no colour on the table. With this menu, we are able to add more colour and variety,a�? shares Rohan Kumar, Beverage Manager at Marco Polo.
The standout drink this season has to be the Vesper Martini combining vodka and gin with a sweet lime peel infused into the drink. Those who arena��t a big fan of vodka/gin/rum-based cocktails can also opt for the Whiskey sour, which is made using egg whites and a tinge of lime, and is utterly delicious.
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