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Anamika a�� A Search For Krishna, A�is a�?a lot of thingsa�� begins Meghna Das, director of a show she calls a�?an attempt to find parallels between old stories relayed through classical dance forms, and modern day stories, thoughts and emotions, told through monologues.a�� The concept was two years in the making, and after endless explorations and discussion with a�?anyone willing to listena��, Das created Anamika.
The performance will see Das joined by dancers, Preethi Bharadwaj, Pooja Pant and Ashiqa Salvan, for a collaboration of theatre and three classical dances of India a�� Bharatnatyam, Odissi and Kathak, exploring the characters of three women whose lives were touched by Lord Krishna. a�?The performance brings together four unique people with a passion for their art and performance. It is an attempt to break stereotypical pre-conceptions about classical dance being difficult to understand and relate to… through a modern universal theme of a womana��s search for something to put onea��s faith into.a�?
Classic moves
Das also assures us that the dances have been choreographed to help you relate to the stories. Of course, if you are well-versed in the dance techniques youa��ll enjoy it better she says. a�?This is a little piece of my heart that I get to put on stage with three of the most talented artistes I could find. Ia��m thrilled and petrified all at the same time,a�? she says in anticipation.
7 pm, February 5 at Alliance FranA�aise.
Vasant Nagar. Passes (`200) on indianstage.in


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