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    For decadent sandwiches, and burgers, The Moo Point can be your go to place

    LICES of tenderloin, stuffed between bread, lovely pickled gherkins, and a ceiling to stare at as you wait for your food to arrive a�� The Moo Point on Residency Road is one of those quirky places which youa��re drawn to quite instinctively. Provided you love meat of course, and with a vengeance.
    You are fairly dependent on what the blackboard on the wall commands for the day, and while the favourites wona��t go missing easily, new additions every now and then promise to keep the experience interesting. One of the latest entrants are the four-inch sandwiches. a�?I realised that ita��s not always possible for someone to finish a six-inch sandwich, considering that the filling is quite wholesome,a�? says Nikhil Malhotra, the man behind the cafA�. And what hea��ll do for you is customise, as much as possible. So you can now choose between a slider (for the faint hearted such as yours truly), and a four-inch and a six-inch sandwich. And you could go easy on the sauce, or appeal to their generous side and request for an extra dollop.
    The smoked chicken sandwich is a common favourite, as is the meatball sub, the Philly cheese steak, and the Moo Point special. The sandwiches come with a side of crisps, and pickled gherkin. Did we mention the decadent burgers? Moo Point has done a fantastic job with them, and the classic beef burger is the way to go a�� unless you favour chicken, or something vegetarian.
    The sliders come tucked between pav, instead of miniature burger bread, and in all fairness, could do with a slight rethink. However, the smoked chicken slider, which was a special customisation on request, is a must-try. Youa��ll also get the Philly cheese steak as a slider, which is such good news.
    There are two new additions on the menu this week; the chicken kabab sub, which reaches out to those who love desi flavours in their food, and the grilled cheese with thin cuts of beef flattened out with a meat hammer, which is then soaked in masala for 24 hours.
    No onea��s forgotten the vegetarians, even though you might not find a whole lot of options. Therea��s magic mushroom, the enthu cutlet, and chilli basil cheese from the sandwich section that people seem to enjoy quite a bit.
    And as if to balance all the decadence, the cafA� has a range of health drinks, such as the beetroot, carrot, lime, and amla. And then therea��s the protein shake a�� loaded with peanut butter, bananas, almonds, and cocoa. Some of the new additions are going to be the watermelon cooler (watermelon, basil, green tea), and Vietnamese coffee (a mix of special filter coffee with condensed milk and cocoa). Now all we need are desserts.
    At Devatha Plaza, Residency Road. `500 approximately for two. Details: 9632268507
    a�� Priyadarshini Nandy


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