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    The star talks about her role on Wayward Pines andA� what it was like working with Matt Dillon

    Taking on the role of Theresa Burke, Shannyn Sossamon finds herself in M Night Shyamalana��s latest thriller Wayward Pines. The 10-episode psychological thriller sees Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke (played by Matt Dillon) move to the rustic town of Wayward Pines in search of two missing agents, including a former flame. Drawn into the mysteries of the town, Sossamona��s character too shifts base to keep a close watch on her husband. She tells us more about the show, why she signed up for it and why her character is smart and sane in a world filled with seemingly insane people.

    What was compelling about the story?
    I love things that are mysterious. Thata��s what I liked about it. There was some mystery to it; everything didna��t have to make sense. I think that is what drew me in at first, for sure, when I read the pilot. Also the characters being so quirky and just out there, that really came alive on the page.

    Describe your
    character to us.
    The idea that they are trying to get across is that I met Ethan in training to be a Secret Service agent, fell in love and very quickly dropped out of training because I was pregnant with our son Ben, and decided to be a stay-at-home mom and focus on that. So when we meet Theresa, Ben is 14, or 15.

    Tell us more about working with your screen son Charlie Tahan.
    I love working with him, ita��s some of my most favourite scenes. He is so honest and he just makes you really honest as well. Ita��s like youa��re just going to get a human being and then you get to be a human being and to listen to each other.

    What was it like working with Matt Dillon.
    Hea��s been incredible in that he is a really hard worker A�a�� he is working his butt off. He is so passionate about getting it right and having it being the highest quality it can be. Ita��s quite amazing to watch, actually all of the cast members a�� Melissa Leo, Carla (Gugino). Terrence (Howard) was amazing to work with. He was so much fun.

    What sort of finale can we expect?
    I think for Theresa, she has finally accepted that it is real. So when he (Ethan) comes and tells me in episode 7 that there are creatures out there, that we are stuck here, and this is where we are in (the year) 4,025, I think he has lost his mind. I struggle with it in episodes 7, 8 and 9 until a part of 9 when I actually discover some tapes and I watch and it is all real.
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