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Here A�are three workout zones where you can tone up to look fabulous for the upcoming party season

HYDERABAD is a city that loves its fitness as much it loves its biryani and a cuppa of Irani chai. Getting into shape and flaunting their abs is something that many hyderabadis prefer these days. The gym culture in the city have ushered and a lot of new fitness centres have made their way in to the city of Nizams. Be it local gyms, health clubs, aerobics fitness centers, dance classes and specialty martial arts centres, you will find something that matches your health needs and budgets. But if you are looking at a facility with able trainers, latest equipment, dieticians, diet and workout monitoring, nutritionists, we have the top gyms and their USPs.
Steel Gym

A perfect gym is very hard to find but Kunal Gir has ideated the solution for your hunt for a good fitness centre. Spread over 12,000 sq.ft, Steel is a culmination of body science and diet. Steel has delivered its clients sharp results. Interestingly, what makes Kunal different is that he himself has transformed his body and seems to have understood the knowledge and science behind ones upper muscle and lower muscle. Trainers at Steel gym strongly believe that understanding ones body is one of the most important task and with perseverance the client can attain it. Located at Jubilee Hills, yearly membership of this well-equipped gym is available for `75,000. Details: 95429 99999

_VIN8209Ethno Health Club

Situated in the Cyber Pearl at Hitech City, Ethno features a fully equipped state-of-the-art gymnasium. It is a space to workout without getting worked up. The gym has a vibrant training area and is also spacious, well ventilated and packed with every conceivable item of cardiovascular and resistance equipment. Apart from the high end equipments, what makes Ethno a perfect gym are the well-qualified instructors, painstaking assessment programmes, range of dietetic fitness foods and supplements and especially the impressive array of weights and equipment. Ethno also provides its clients with tailored programs where working out is made exactly depending on ones needs and capacity. Ethno also has aerobics, yoga, stress management programs, physiotherapy and interactive fitness related enhancement programs. `14,000 per annum. Details: 040 66835050.

Alia��s Crossfit

Looking for Crossfit training? Then probably Alia��s Crossfit training is what suits your needs. Crossfit training is different from your regular working out sessions at other gymnasiums. What looks similar to armed forces training but with lower intensity is what crossfit training has got its name for. Love it or hate it this alternative style has proved its benefits time and again. Here at Alia��s crossfit working out begins with warming up sessions followed by the WOD (workout of the day) and is concluded with cool down period. Just like any other gymnasium, crossfit also consumes one hour of your day but focuses more of body strength and core muscles. Squats, dead lifts, pull ups, box jumps, burpees, kettlebell swings are a few exercises that crossfit training comprises. `55,000 per annum. Details: 98857 98858


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