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    A teary kid, a brave man, and a shocked grannya�� a look at whata��s trending

    Daddy dearest
    Three-year-old Patrick Hogan simply disikes his dad Grega��s clean-shaven look. In this video (with over 65,00,000 views), the toddler enquires about the whereabouts of his fathera��s facial hair. Later, on being asked by Greg if he misses it, he responds with a feeble a�?yesa��. Things take a turn for the worse when Patrick responds with a a�?noa�� and sheds copious amounts of tears on being asked if he still loves his dad. Adorable and heartbreaking at the same time!

    The a�?turbana��ator
    This video of a dog being rescued has been warming hearts since Monday. Stuck in an irrigation canal in Punjab, a stray dog was on the verge of drowning when a brave 28-year-old got out of his car to get the helpless mutt to safety. Even as a crowd gathered , Sarwan Singh, who cana��t swim, unwrapped his turban, handed one end of it to his friends atop the bank of the canal before he gingerly stepped into the water to pull the dog out. After the rescue mission was successful, Singh is seen feeding the dog biscuits, before letting him go. The video, Man Uses Turban to Save Drowning Dog, was uploaded by Caters Clips.

    Virtual hilarity
    This quick 23-second video sees a gentle old Irish lady trying out virtual reality for the first time. The grandma is given a headset with a clipping from Jurassic Park, by her grandchildren. Sitting in her comfortable chair, in her living room, the grandma puts on the headset and then… all hell breaks loose! At first screaming like shea��s seen a ghost, she then makes like shea��s frantically trying to escape from the clutches of what one can only assume is a giant dinosaur. You can also hear her family having a good laugh at the poor ladya��s expense. The video, titled Grandmother Tries Virtual Reality, posted a few days ago already has over 2,00,000 views.

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