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Kelly Rowland, American recording artist, songwriter, dancer and actress is clearly very excited about her new role as a judge in the third season of The X FactorA� (in the US version) along with Simon Cowell, singer Demi Lovato and Mexican artiste Paulina Rubio. The show premiered last month on BIG CBS Love.

Fun on the sets

This is not her first time on The X Factor. Rowland had served as a judge for the eighth series of the UK version of The X Factor in 2011. She subsequently stepped down as a judge in 2012 and was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger. Talking about the US version, Rowland admits she is having fun, a�?I remember the first day on the set, Demi (Lovato) walked up to me and goes, a�?Hello, how are you?a�� and she was like, a�?I dona��t know how much more natural this could bea��.a�? On the show, she hopes a�?to find great talent.a�? Speaking of contestants, Rowland says they need to know a�?what kind of artist they are before they even get here. Even if they dona��t know, they need to learn while theya��re here.a�?

Judging smarts

The Dirty Laundry singer cana��t stop praising her co-judges, a�?Paulina (Rubio) is adorable and witty. I love the way Lovato leaves the contestants with something hopeful when they exit the audition, whether ita��s a yes or a no.a�? But she reserved the best for Cowell, the showa��s creator, a�?He picked me because Ia��m smart and I am definitely up for the job. He is very smart and I trust him. He looks like a sad puppy dog, with three women on the panel. Ita��s hilarious actually.a�? When it comes to contestants she says, a�?Lillie McCloud, Restless Road, Ellona and Khaya Cohen are incredible. I am going to name everybody. Ita��s something that all these contestants possess this year, that is so magnetic.a�?A� Last week, Rowland was given the tough task to choose four from a pool of 10 contestants during the Four Chair Challenge. She chose Lillie McCloud, James Kenney, Rachel Potter and Jeffrey Adam Gutt.
The X FactorA�airs Saturdays, Big CBS Love atA�9 pm

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