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    We zoom in on Jorg Bruggemann to see what he has in store for city shutter bugs

    Jorg BrA?ggemann studied under award-winning photographer Peter Bialobrzeski and is currently working as a freelance photographer in Berlin and is a member of Ostkreuz photo agency. BrA?ggemann gives a public Art InSight talk this evening, before he sets up a three part workshop at Max Mueller Bhavan for photography enthusiasts. The photographer, known for his documentaries on youth and music culture, gets candid about his life and vocation.

    Back to the beginning
    I started to study graphic design in Bremen, Germany, in 2001 and in 2003, I did a term in Buenos Aires to where I took the camera my mother gave me along. I discovered the city through the camera, which really got me hooked. When I returned to Germany, I took the first photography course at my art school to understand the medium better. Thata��s where it all took off for me.

    Exposing globalisation and youth My own history and socialisation are important for the themes that I work on. I was a teenager in the 90s and grew up with satellite TV and MTV, which were both essential for the globalisation of youth cultures. The Internet sped up that development. I find it fascinating that I can feel more connected to Indians who listen to the same music that I do, though we have different background.

    More about the workshop
    I expect to meet interesting young Indian photographers from whom I can learn as well. Working with the Goethe Institut in different places of the world has taught me that creativity and talent is blooming everywhere and the exchange of ideas can be very important in growing and understanding the world.
    The Ostkreuz roots
    Being part of Ostkreuz means to be part of a photographera��s collective that is like minded. In a business where you normally work alone this is beneficial. It also gives me the chance to work on projects beyond my own photography sometime.

    Being picky
    I show my work to a lot of people because you lose the distance to your own work at times and at some point you will have to get rid of some of your favorites as this might make your selection stronger.
    Free entry. 6.30 pm at Indiranagar. Workshop starts tomorrow at Tasveer Gallery. Details: goethe.de

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