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    Meet Amisha Sethi, a corporate honcho, who is ready to launch her debut a�?spiritual comedya�� It Doesna��t Hurt To Be Nice

    Perusing through just half the accolades that Amisha Sethi has amassed over the past 13 years will leave you with no doubt that this is a woman who was on top of her career graph. After completing her MBA from AMITY in 2002, she started her career with Airtel, before moving to Blackberry and then becoming CCO at Air Asia in 2013. Needless to say, Sethi is well travelled, and happens to have a keen interest in scriptures. This is where her interest to write a spiritual book stemmed from.

    a�?Most spiritual books are either serious, heavy, preachy or in a language that you cannot understand,a�? says Sethi, explaining why her debut book, It Doesna��t Hurt To Be Nice, is a spiritual book with a tinge of comedy. a�?Everyone wants to know the purpose of life. I believe that it is about being a better person,a�? she says, adding that her book portrays this through a fictional character who has everything in life, except true happiness. a�?The character draws from my personal life and from the lives of others,a�? Sethi insists. The story starts with the girla��s early life and visits scenarios that the reader can relate to, a�?with a smile.a�?

    It took Sethi, who is in her early thirties, a year of penning her thoughts and three months of turning it into a story. And she soon realised that she had a a�?spiritual comedya�� on her hands. a�?Honestly, Ia��ve read a lot and never come across anything that falls under this genre. They are either overtly religious or like the work of Robin Sharma,a�? smiles the first time author. Of course, she is also exploring a�?more areas like lovea�? so wea��ll look forward to more from Sethi in the future.
    The book will be available at leading bookstores from August.

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