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    Smokey or subtle, Akriti Sachdeva��s range of eye makeup is set to a�?Mesmereyesa�� come September

    BRIDAL makeup artist, makeup blogger and YouTuber Akriti Sachdev has tapped into the eye makeup segment by creating pigments (concentrated version of eye shadows) and glitter that are affordable and suitable for the Indian skin colour. Sachdev, 25, who has been conducting workshops on professional and everyday makeup for the last four years, rues that good quality makeup costs a bomb, comes in large quantities, and has shades that do not seem to suit the Indian skin. a�?Our skin tone is different and definitely requires a different range of colours. Thata��s when I started exploring the option of creating good quality affordable eye makeup that has been ophthalmologically tested as well,a�? begins the makeup trainer for Hindustan Unilever.
    She has revealed Mesmereyes Makeup Glitters and Pigments, her range of 15 colours, on her Facebook page (facebook.com/MesmereyesMakeup) and has thrown it open to friends and family to name them. a�?All my shades are customised for the Indian skin tone and use imported pigments from Germany and France,a�? says Sachdev, whose favourite shade is Galaxy, aA� glam and smokey pigment.
    She has planned a soft launch on September 19 and 20 at her home studio, with a pop-up store exhibiting the shades and a quick tutorial on how to use them well. She is also trying to tie up with retailers online. Her next line will be makeup brushes, which she hopes to release by the end of the year.
    1 gm of each shade costs Rs 390 and is guaranteed to last a year.

    Preethi Thomas


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