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Deliver a package, and earn money on the go with Beck Friends

After Deliverish, PeerShip, Nimber, and Roadie, Beck Friends has gone live with a peer-to-peer delivery platform. These startups let travellers ship any package, small to big, from one city, or country, to
another when they are on the move. They eliminate the role of courier services and logistics firms, which consume time, and involve paperwork. Likewise, Beck Friends is trying to build a community of
people who are frequently on the move, and can step up to deliver medicines, laptops or even a video game remote, on time.
The website has even got perks for the new army of delivery men. You get paid for every package shipped, by the receiver. While the team hasna��t fixed a ratechart yet, it does offer suggestions on the site,
which are in sync with the national, and international courier norms. Nonetheless, ita��s cheaper than what a courier company will charge you.
Deep Malhotra, co-founder of Beck Friends, an offshoot of Mumbai-based Beck Technology Ventures, tells us, a�?Our aim is to provide a peer-to-peer way of delivery, where a sender can ship things in an
affordable manner, and the person delivering it can earn some money. Eventually, we want to build a community of travellers that you can count on for delivering your goods.a�?
Beck Friends has made 25-30 deliveries so far, and getting more sign-ups is the priority for the four-member team. a�?We want to make the e-profiles of travellers stronger, by adding more verified information
about them. We will also leverage our technology to suggest multiple routes for a package to be delivered,a�? he tells us about the future plans.
Details: beckfriends.com

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