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    A teary child, a brave man, and a granny on VR a�� a quick look at whata��s trending.

    Wherea��s daddy?: Three-year-old Patrick Hogan simply did not like the clean-shaven look of his photographer dad Greg in this popular week-old YouTube video. His unexpected reaction is entertaining to say the least. The video begins with the toddler quizzing his Irish father, a�?What happened to your beard?a�? When he replies, a�?Is it missing? Do you want it to come back? Are you sad?a�? the child responds with a feeble a�?yesa��. The father then follows up the bed-time talk with, a�?Do you still love me?a�? His son responds with a comical a�?No!a�? and bursts into tears. Greg then promises his son to grow it back immediately and makes peace with a selfie.
    The a�?turbana��ator: Man Uses Turban to Save Drowning Dog involves the rescue of a dog from an irrigation canal in Punjab. While many stood at the steep banks of the canal watching the dog drown, a 28-year-old Punjabi decided to save the pup. Since Sarwan Singh couldna��t swim, he unwrapped his turban, handed one end to his friends, and made his way down. He then rescued the dog with another piece of fabric, fed him biscuits, and freed him.
    Virtual surprise: This short 23-second video sees a gentle old Irish lady trying out virtual reality for the first time. Excited to see her reaction, her grandchildren give her a headset with a clipping from Jurassic Park. Not knowing what to expect, she puts on the headset and starts screaming, apparently trying to escape a giant dinosaur, much to her familya��s amusement. Titled Grandmother Tries Virtual Reality, it already has over 2 lakh views.

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