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Always wondered how celebs manage to look flamboyant all the time? Six stars from North and South reveal their closet love and shopping stops. From Dior to Chanel, from Mac to Bobby Brown…

Captain Jack

Sreenath Bhasi, who is known for his witty roles in the new-gen Malayalam movies, says he loves to shop from Dubai. The 27-year-old actor is a huge boot fanatic and loves experimenting with different types of boots and shoes. a�?Currently, I have a Jack and Jones boots which I just cannot leave aside. I used it even during my Himalayan trip and still it is just the perfect one I want,a�? says Sreenath.

Happy clothingA�Ishita
Ishita Dutta, Drishyam actress loves shopping and her favourite shopping destination is Dubai and Bangkok. The mall of Emirates has it all, from shoes to accessories. a�?It took me eight days just to go around the mall.a�? says this 25-year-old. Honk Kong is another city where shopping is a must. She prefers buying stuff that is not easily available in India like electronic gadgets and hair products. Her favourite brand includes Sephora and Mac and prefers wearing light and comfortable clothes while on a holiday.

Sneaker hungerA�Sreeram LV bag
Sreerama Chandra, who became an overnight sensation with Indian Idol owns more than 80 pairs of shoes. a�?Sneakers are my first love. Rome is my destination to heavy my shopping bag. European shopping mechanism attracts me a lot. I recently bought a LV bag for myself and LV wallet for my dad. Dubai is for electronic cravings. I am on my tour to US, on my way back I am going to halt at Dubai to shop the latest TV. Cana��t wait for the addition,a�? he shares. Adiddas for shoes, Diesel for jeans, Armani and Ferrari for shades and Apple for gadgets are his go for.

sana 3Mac and no cheese
Sana Khan, the Bigg Boss contestant who shot to fame with her Bollywood debut Jai Ho says that her favourite International shopping destination is Dubai. a�?The Dubai mall has it all, my absolute favourite.a�? smiles Sana. She loves to experiment with everything, be it cosmetics or clothes. However, she cannot do without her Mac foundation as it gives her that instant glow. a�?Sunscreen is an absolute must for every holiday.a�? says this 28-year-old shopaholic who loves to shop at the holiday destination rather than lugging suitcases around.

Exotic streetsA�Shriya 4
Shriya Pilgaonkar, daughter of veteran actor Sachin Pilgaonkar is not very brand conscious. a�?Ita��s always comfort before brand for me.a�? says Shriya who loves traveling to exotic places and shopping at shops on the streets. a�?These shops always has some hidden surprises for you.a�? says this actress who recently shot to fame with her appearance in Fan. Shriya also loves styling her own clothes and stitches them too. The 26-year-old actress prefers high-waisted pants, cosmetics by Coco chanel, shoes by Valentino and jackets by Uniqlo.

Italian ecstasy
Raai Lakshmi, the girl who made every head turn towards her even in a role of a ghost in her recent Tamil flick loves a�?Pradaa�� for bags. Of course like the saying goes, a�?Devils love Pradaa��. a�?Europe is my favourite for shopping. I become shopaholic as soon as I step into any big city of that continent. My billing of Prada and LV is done at Milan in Italy. Shoes are first thing that grabs attention of the other person. I want the best of them and thus Valentino happens. Brands do not matter for clothes, all that matters is , is it funky and trendy. I love picking clothes from the alleys of London. Sun shades add to my style statements, so I prefer Dior and Jimmi Choo,a�? Raai reveals.

a��Nishad Neelambaran (with inputs from Soumyani Ghoshal)


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