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    From animated bugs to spying whiz kids, Netflixa��s monsoon releases have a plethora of surprises.

    AFTER announcing Sacred Games, its first original web series in the countrya��which is based on the book by Vikram Chandraa��Netflix India is now churning out new web series on a regularly basis. Revealing its monsoon releases, the video-on-demand website has lined up a host of shows. Our pick of the ones you shouldna��t miss.
    Details: netflix.com/in

    Beat Bugs
    This computer-animated comedy series shows the exploits of five little beetles, who, with various songs and references, remind viewers of the English rock band, Beatles. Creator Josh Wakely, a die-hard Beatles fan, wanted to introduce their music to a young audience through the show.

    Project McA?
    Three smart teenaged girls are intrigued by the new girl in their school. Following her home, they learn that she also tops her IQ and is part of a spy programme, NOV8. The girls are soon recruited into the team and provide path-breaking innovations in mechanics, chemistry
    and education, which aids in national security.

    Fuller House
    A sequel of the 1980s American sitcom, Full House, the series follows the life of veterinarian Tanner Fuller, who has recently lost her husband. To bring up her three sons, Fuller seeks the help of her sister and her friend, a mother of a teenager herself.

    Lost & Found Music Studio
    Music producer Mr T owns Lost & Found Music Studio, which scouts for music talents and takes in a selected few every year for mentoring. A group of teenagers from a musical school try their best to be inducted into the coveted programme.

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