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    Over 17 years ago, when I was called for an audition to be a presenter, little did I know that the medium of radio would help bring out a few skills in me that I never knew I had. It was therapy to be on the medium and talk to scores of listeners, standing in an empty room. The more I did it, the more passion I had for radio. FM was new and something always told me that the two hours that were available for listeners back then in the city would turn into a mega industry.
    Cut to 2014 and nothing has really changed within me. The passion lives on and the butterflies always make their presence felt in my stomach at the beginning of every show. Many ask me why I continue to stick with the medium and my answer is: you cana��t walk away from the unconditional love listeners keep showering on you. It somehow becomes a duty to dish out the best from your side.
    However, some presenters today have a different thought process. Some wise man has whispered loudly that by being a radio jockey the chances of becoming an actor are high. Yes, in the past there have been a few hits with regards to that, but not everyone becomes an actor by joining the medium. It isna��t a gateway. The problem is when you have presenters who are in a state of hallucination all day that one day they would be seen on the big screen. The feeling must be euphoric, but there is a job to do and thata��s where the passion goes missing.
    If youa��re joining the medium because you want to be an actor/actress, then I have to tell you right now that you might have got it terribly wrong. I know that radio flies at a lower altitude in the entertainment atmosphere, but that flight path has to be respected. Love what you are doing and you will receive infinite amounts of the same emotion.
    See you next week with more radio talk!

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