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    Alex Brounai??i??s plays come alive in an Anantharaman Karthik production.

    THE annual Short + Sweet theatre festival has always brought interesting talent to the fore.

    One such discovery is city-based theatre artiste, Anantharaman Karthik, who won multiple accolades for his short play, War/Kiss, at the 2016 edition of the festival.

    Inspired, he directed his first play for the group Emsomneacksai??i??an adaptation of Ray Cooneyai??i??s Funny Money that was presented at Alliance Francaise last month. ai???It was well received,ai??? says the 29-year-old.

    But now, Karthik is going back to the full-length format for his first solo production. The artiste is turning to Australian playwright Alex Broun, the man behind the script for War/Kiss.

    Working with a completely new team, Karthik, who has also worked with groups like Theatre Nisha and The Madras Players, picked Brounai??i??s Somewhere Between the Sky and Sea to be enacted by seven actors in his production.

    The original plot revolves around a Portuguese violinist who is torn between two women, one of who happens to be the only one who can play his biggest masterpiece yet. ai???The theme is about love and the various tribulations that surround it. It is open to anyone above 13 years of age,ai??? he says, revealing plans to take the play to other cities and festivals..

    At Goethe Institut. Tomorrow (7 pm) and on Sunday (4 pm and 7 pm). Tickets at Rs 200 on eventjini.com

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