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    An app to document milestones from your social network

    Smirnoff Co. has now entered the digital world with Mixhibit. A new tool that allows you to capture the best of an event through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Muxhibit is quite a creative concept. Bringing together all forms of digital media, it allows you to create a one-of-a-kind video that pulls already uploaded content from youra��s and your circle of social network profiles.

    Short film
    a�?We understand the importance of connecting physical experiences to the digital space,a�? says Michelle Klein, VP Smirnoff Global Marketing. a�?Mixhibit enables people to relive their experiences on social media, in a real time, unique and simple way,a�? she says of the app that is set to take 25 markets by storm, initially on the Android and iOS platforms before others.

    Based loosely on the show-and-tell format, Mixhibit lets the user a�� above the legal drinking age in their country a�� select photos, videos, and even status updates that is then turned into a short video clip. You can choose from over 10,000 songs categoried into mood, genre and type to complete the video. Given the option to pull from their friendsa�� social streams, for the first time users can incorporate different perspectives into their Mixhibit videos to tell a collective group story.

    Social recap
    DJ and app beta tester Paul van Dyk, one of the first users of the app is already quite pleased with the invention saying it brings him closer to his fans. a�?Ita��s no longer just a picture or a post a�� Ia��m telling a story through these videos in a cool, easy way; one that my friends and fans are interested in watching,a�? beams the DJ.

    Details: mixhibit.com

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