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    With how-to guides, Tutorreels.com has wine specialists and expert photographers on board

    Learn the new. Thata��s the catchphrase behind the month-old tutorreels.com. Possibly one of the countrya��s first portals of curated web tutorials on everything from pottery to storytelling to how to start a restaurant, the idea is to empower young adults with the opportunity to pursue their creative interests. One might ask: isna��t that what DIY YouTube videos do for free? This is where K Shivaprasada��s story comes in.

    Eureka moment

    A Bangalore-based marketing professional who was working with a reputed TV channel two years ago, Shiva put his life on hold when an idea sparked while pursuing a misguided hobby. a�?I love photography,a�? he raves. a�?So I went out and bought all the best magazines I could find…watched videos, everything I could do,a�? he explains. But at some point, he realised the information was a jumble. a�?It wasna��t curated. I found about 50 definitions of a�?depth of fielda�� online and it was hard to figure out which one to follow,a�? he cites an example. And so the idea of using the internet for structured online tutoring by recognised experts began brewing.

    Expert on board

    Truth be told, Shiva believed in the business model so much that he quit his job and went to work on his R&D shortly after. a�?Gosh, I was jobless for 22 months before tutorreels.com went live last month,a�? he remembers the time frame without batting an eyelid. a�?I even got married with no job,a�? Shiva reminisces with a laugh. And what started a local dream has now expanded all over the country, tutors included. Think names like award-winning photo journalist Arko Datta, wine gurus Gagan Sharma and Magandeep Singh and restaurant consultant, Madhu Menon. a�?Currently we have nine tutorials to choose from, and each module consists of about nine or 10 videos (close to 100 minutes in total),a�? says Shiva, 31, adding that direct interaction is also possible.


    Coming up

    In the pipeline are plans for a terrace gardening tutorial and with plenty of requests revolving around healthy eating and exercise, the web entrepreneur says they have plans for a module titled a�?Look good nakeda�� in the works. One has to wonder, after the job shift, if his photography is now on track? a�?I can honestly say that Ia��m a good photographer now,a�? Shiva laughs. Ita��s funny, when we go into video production, Ia��m surrounded by at least 10 top notch cameras every day, but I just dona��t have the time to shoot!a�? Ah, the elusive someday-I-will-do-it. Someday could be today, for you.

    a�� Sonali Shenoy


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