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    Despite the ongoing cricket madness, this week saw a mix of events and not too much complaining about the heat. Getting a lot of attention was The Da��zire Madras Bridal Fashion at Le Royal Meridien, bringing together an interesting line up of designers from across the country. While the crowd was the usual mixed bunch, it looked like the focus was on fashion, which was a welcome change. Choreographed by Sunil Menon, and conceptualised by Shan and Dene, the show saw stunning bridal wear presented beautifully, with Jenjum Gadi giving us a�?fun and edgya��, Nupur Kanoi going the cocktail bronze goddess route and finally Dev R Nil with their portrayal of a�?Summer Bridesa��. The show stoppers included actors and Bindu Madhavi, Narain, Ishwarya Rajesh, and for the finale Nadhiya, who really got the crowd going. By the end of the show, the venue was completely packed, with barely any standing room left, but it didna��t stop the loyal fans from getting the selfies they came for.
    And while one set was getting all dressed up, another was keeping it casual at a special screening of Avengers: Age of Ultron at INOX, courtesy Cinema Spice Magazine. Safe to say the much awaited film saw quite a few hard-core fans, many of whom had their allegiances emblazed across their chests, with an assortment of super hero T-shirts. It was a fun evening where guests got to compare notes, enjoy some popcorn and catch up. Phoenix Market City is becoming a great live music venue on weekends, and last Sunday saw the iconic rock band from Kerala, Avial, take the stage. A cheerful army of Malayali fans preferred to remain standing, while vocalist Tony John strode on to stage in his customary lungi, made the usual a�?does anyone have toddya�� joke and proceeded to entertain the crowd with non-stop rock anthems in Malayalam. Wea��re looking forward to other fantastic acts at the mall.
    Later in the week, NAC Jewellers launched Stylori.com, an online portal for everyday fashion jewellery. The evening saw a stand up comedy act by Evam Tamasha with S Arvind keeping us in splits. His act, though brief, managed to cover a lot, including NRI attitudes, the troubles of being a a�?Tam Brama�� and the modern arranged marriage scenarios. Doing the honours was actor Priya Anand, who modeled a special piece by Stylori, before rushing off to the sets of her next shoot. Instead of going the regular fashion show route, the collection was displayed through a projection-mapping sequence, making for a completely different experience.

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