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    This puba��s new lunch menu is sure to take you on a street food adventure

    Having found their footing on the night life scene, One Night in Bangkok, modeled after the glitzy pubs of the Thai capital, has now decided to opens its doors to those looking for something more than just quick, finger food. With them having launched a full fledged lunch menu, we head over to sample their offerings.
    Just one bite of their Spicy Thai Prawns is enough to transport you to Khao San street, one of Bangkoka��s most vibrant street food haunts. Tossed in a smoked chilli paste, you get hints of fresh garlic, ginger, and bursts of freshness from Thai basil, with every bite. a�?Wea��re not too big on subtlety. Everything on our menu is smack with strong, robust flavours,a�? shares restaurateur, Thashvin Muckatira .
    Slightly more subdued than the prawn dish, is the Thai Pork Toast. The meat is seasoned and ground. Ita��s then spread over slices of bread and fried, until the bread is crisp and the meat is brown, yet soft. The mix of crispy and crumbly textures is definitely a plus. The pork itself is seasoned such that it doesna��t mask the flavour of the meat.
    Going bananas
    Those who are cutting down on oil, best try the Chicken in Banana Leaf. Little bits of chicken are placed in a banana leaf cone and steamed, until cooked through. This is served with a drizzle of sweet soya and sesame sauce with sauteed garlic pods. We love how the chicken takes on the aroma of the banana leaf, which adds more depth to its taste. a�?Ita��s not traditionally served with the sauce on top. That was our addition. The sauce gives a whole new flavour to an otherwise bland dish,a�? explains Muckatira.
    At a Thai restaurant, pork has got to be the star. So the best dish to sample? Their home made pork sausages, of course. The Isaan Pork Sausage features ground meat, which is fermented in sticky rice, with some pepper and salt and not much else. Served with diced onions, galangal, diced fresh red chilli and a chilli-based dipping sauce, ita��s best to eat it all together, but is delicious enough without any of the additions.
    A good number of one-dish meals make up the entire main course, a nice touch. Do give the Curried Noodle Bowl a try. Quite a popular dish in the northern region of the country, ita��s essentially the Thai version of a laksa. A hearty bowl of coconut broth with a mix of noodle, peanuts, a protein of your choice or veggies, and a squeeze of lime, it makes for great a�?rainy-eveninga�� comfort food. Steering clear of the quintessential red, green and yellow curries, we also sample the Southern Dry Curry a�� a serving of sticky rice with a generous helping of minced meat that is fried with lemongrass, basil and chillis. Truly an assault on the senses, the meal is best accompanied with one of their Thai-themed cocktails, ranging from Muay Thai Punch (white rum, lemon grass, kaffir lime, guava) to Pattaya Sour (whiskey, cloves, ginger, lime juice).

    Rs 1,500++ for two. At 12th Main, Indiranagar. Details: 9739902745

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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