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    Chef Cancedda of Alba brings his island cuisine to the city

    Drawing heavily from his Sicilian heritage, chef Antonello Cancedda of Alba gives his menu a revamp, which he tells us could well be a selection of his mothera��s own recipes. a�?You could say they are from my mothera��s kitchen,a�? he says with a smile. The new
    additions to the menu include salads, anti pasti, zuppa, secondi and pasta. Cancedda started off proceedings with a baking demonstration of amaretti cookies a�� egg white-based treats. We ordered the coscette di pollo alla aceto balsamico, which nicely set the tone for the rest of the meal. Grilled chicken perked up with balsamic vinegar, rosemary and a generous squeeze of lime; it was a great start to the meal. The bed of caponata salad, a traditional Sicilian tangy dish of cooked vegetables such as aubergine,
    zucchini and tomatoes on which the chicken was sitting, made it all the more special. On a particularly chilly day, the comforting warmth of a well-made soup was what we needed and thata��s just what we got in the form of zuppa di cipolle finocchietto e pollo a�� a thick concoction of baked onion and fennel with succulent pieces of chicken. Moving on to main course, we opted for the cotoletta di pollo alla parmigiana. An Italian favourite, we loved Canceddaa��s version, which came with a topping of stringy mozzarella and pesto on a thin slice of crispy crumb-coated chicken, served over a layer of tangy fresh tomato-based salad, which tied everything together. When it comes to Italian dessert, tiramisu is probably the best way to go and we were not disappointed. While the serving was a little too substantial, the dessert itself was a decadent indulgence, with a thick carpet of cocoa adding a hint of bitterness to the rest of the dish comprising whipped cream, lady fingers, coffee and mascarpone. Therea��s also peach bellinis to sip on to complete your authentic Italian experience.
    `4,000++. At JW Marriott,
    Vittal Mallya Road. Details: 67188533


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