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    Say cheers with cocktails that showcase local favourites likeA� tamarind, filter coffee and more.

    Strawberries, watermelons and peaches have had their day. When it comes to finding a spirited match, mixologists are looking towards more unusual pairings. KeepingA� up with the times (and the season), we went in search of quintessentially ChennaiA� flavours in our sundowners. And we found quite a generous serving. From the spicy a�?rasama�� and vodka at the InterContinental to Taj Coromandela��s curry leaf martini, here is our pick of cocktails that keep it localA� and very today.

    Nattu Rasam@ InterContinental
    Spicy tomato rasam on a bar menu? Ita��s not as outlandish as it sounds, not when The Gatsby Lounge has something to say about it. The mixologists have shaken together vodka, tamarind, coriander and tomato to give the subtle nuances of the Tamil lunch staple, but with a gourmet touch that can be quite addictive. Rs 600++.
    Details: 71720101

    Aqua Regia @ The Leela Palaceleelaindulge4
    The Aqua Regia, at Library Blu, straddles the fine line between sweet and sour, while combining some of our favourite local flavours. A large shot of Roberto Cavalli vodka is shaken with tamarind pulp, mango juice and caramel jaggery to create this cocktail that goes down real smooth. Rs 1,500++. Details: 33661234

    Thendrool @ Hyatt Regency
    The coconut gets another outing in this tipple which is perfect for an afternoon out in the city. With the new Absolut India as its stara��combining the flavours of mango and peppera��it gets its velvety taste from coconut milk and passion fruit syrup. Served with a tiny pyramid of freshly-grated coconut, ita��s almost like dessert in a martini glass. At 365 AS, for Rs 700. Details: 61001234

    Southern Trade@ Big Bang Theorybigbangindulge2
    One of the citya��s favourite watering holesa��where patrons are served heaping portions of music, comedy and cocktailsa��Southern Trade is finding fans with its take on some strong flavours. Sip on vodka that has been infused with asafoetida, cumin, coriander and lime juice. Rs 295++.
    Details: 24814206

    Guindy Vandi @ Hablishablisindulge9
    It may seem like a confusion of flavours, but the bartender at The Moon and Sixpence assures us that the quirkily-named Guindy Vandi is a fun one to kick off the evening with. Blending vodka, pineapple purA�e, coriander seeds and curry leaves, ita��s punchy yet light on the palate. Rs 450++. Details: 40235555

    itcindulge4Chola Elanee @ ITC Grand Chola
    Ita��s a tale in white at the Tranquebar. The Chola Elanee looks quite unassuming, but packs a punch with coconut cream and tender coconut water blended with Bacardi white rum and Malibu. The gourmet concoction is the perfect sundowner at Rs 695++. Details: 22200000

    Murugan Colada @ Park Hyatt
    The classic PiA�a Colada gets a Chennai twist at the Flying Elephant. Taking its inspiration from the much-loved coconut chutney at Murugan Idli Shop, the Murugan Colada is a mix of coconut milk, white rum and curry leaves. But what we love the most is its presentationa��in a traditional South Indian bronze pot. Rs 538. Details: 71771234

    crownindulge3Kappi Martini @ Crowne Plaza
    Therea��s not much that can beat a cup of filter coffee in the morning. And we bet therea��s not much that can compete with the rich flavour of arabica, especially when mixed with some vodka and Kahlua. Introducing the Kappi Martini, your answer to a great start to the weekend.
    At Dakshin. Rs 600. Details: 24994101

    Curry Leaf Martini @ Taj Coromandeltamarind-margarita-taj-club-house
    Double the high at the Taj hotels. At Chipstead, the Curry Leaf Martini is a refreshing mix of vodka, curry leaves, and apple and lime juice (Rs 600, 66002827). Follow up this light cocktail with a tangy twist at the Taj Club House, where the Tamarind Margarita updates the classic with
    tamarind paste, lime juice, orange juice and tequila.
    Rs 600. Details: 66313131

    Malli Martini @ The Parkpark2
    Herea��s an exotic way to step up your martini game. The Leather Bar pays tribute to the ubiquitous strings of jasmine with its Malli Martinia��a drink that is as simple and fresh as the flowers themselves. Made with sugar syrup, lemon juice, vodka and a handful jasmine flowers, this is one of our favourites. Rs 550++.
    Details: 42676000




    a��Surya Praphulla Kumar





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