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    As if marriages are not hard enough to plan, these celebrities manage to keep the big day small and behind closed doors

    Ryan Reynolds is a real pro at gettingA�married without the paparazzi finding out until after the ceremony. He secretly got hitched to Scarlet Johansson first and then again to Blake Lively in 2012 a�� all hush, hush. Now taking a leaf out of his undercover weddings, these stars too, say a�?I doa�? in private.

    Top secret
    Despite dropping off the popular charts after The OC ended, Adam Brody managed to break hearts by secretly marrying Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl. Apparently, the wedding was a super-secret affair with only family and close friends getting a front-row seat to this show that took place in California along the ocean. The TV stars were later seen relaxing at Mexicoa��s St Regis Punta Mita Resort
    and we suspect that it was their honeymoon spot, although there has been no official confirmation.

    Hollywood4bTwo new chapters
    Savannah Guthrie, host of the Today show, delivered a double dose of breaking news when she announced that not only has she married her fiancA� Mike Feldman but was also expecting their first child. The couple tied the knot near her hometown Tucson, Arizona a�?in the middle of the deserta��. But she explained that they had set the date before learning they were expecting. a�?Ita��s funny, a��cause we set the date, bought my dress, and then I found out,a�? says Guthrie, adding, a�?So I did a little praying that I would fit in it,
    and it all worked out.a�?

    Just Jared
    Clearly former WWE wrestler and model, Stacy Keibler learned her lesson from the very public and painful split from superstar George Clooney. We presume it is why she married her a�?soulmatea�� Jared Pobre, a technical entrepreneur, minus all the pomp and show. The two apparently got married in a beautiful beach ceremony on March 8 and the blushing bride is all praise for her husband. a�?Marriage means putting all your faith and trust into a person that you cana��t help but believe is your soul mate: someone who has your best interests at heart; someone hand-picked for you, to help you grow and be the best person that you can be. Jared is all of this for me,a�? she gushes. And the couple has announced that there is already a bundle of joy on the way!

    The ex files
    Kimora Lee Simmonsa�� marriage to Russell Simmons may not have lasted, but the latter didna��t feel it necessary to hide the fact thatHollywood3dtheya��ve welcomed a new man into the a�?familya��. Russell spilled the beans on Twitter in February on his ex-wifea��s secret knot-tying with investment banker Tim Leissner. Kimora, a former model and current creative director and president of JustFab, a personalised shopping website, has two kids with Russell but Leissner seems to be fine with the children as well as Twitter-happy Russell, as the whole big family was seen holidaying together in St Barts.

    Hidden ceremony
    Tom Ford has always been casual, almost blasA�, in his mannerisms. Especially evident when he dropped the bombshell of his secret
    marriage to Richard Buckley. The couple who have been together for over 27 years and even have a son, revealed the truth at an interview with a British journalist in the Apple store on Londona��s Regent Street. The Texan-born designer, who was only 25 when he first met Buckley, told Out magazine in 2011 that it was a�?love at first sighta�? and that he decided he would marry Buckley a�?in the length of an elevator ride.a�? True love, indeed!

    a�� Compiled byA�Aakanksha Devi


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