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    Latination, a French-Indian collaboration, brings their jazz covers to town

    With their upbeat sound, Latination is all set to woo the citya��s jazz enthusiasts this weekend. The Kolkata-based Latin-jazz band is a collaboration between French musician Emmanuel Simon and Pradyumna Singh Manot, Premjit Dutta and Bijit Bhattacharyaa��and the quartet is already making a name for themselves with their Latin-American and Afro-Cuban cover line-up. Assuring us that the country is well versed with different music genres, Simon says, a�?There are thousands of ways to improvise jazz music. You can change the harmonies, the song structure, rhythm and loops.a�?
    A music student from Paris, Simon had come to India in 2011 to study Hindustani music. At the Rabindra Bharati University in Kolkata, he met his future band members, who were a part of a band called Los Amigos. After their band split, Simon started Latination in November last year. Explaining the banda��s name, he says, a�?It reflects how musicians from different nationalities and backgrounds came together to realise their love for Latin-jazz notes.a�?
    As fan of yesteryear Cuban band Irakere and musician Peruchin, he says his dream satge is Village Vanguard (New York), the Mecca for jazz. He adds as an afterthought, a�?Audience is (actually) the most important. It does not matter if they are limited in number, as long as they are truly enjoying our music.a�? Having toured Delhi, Bhopal and Pondicherry, this October will see the band in Kathmandu, Chandigarh and Pune.
    August 22, at Alliance FranA�aise, at 7 pm. Details: eventjini.com

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