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    Latination, a French-Indian collaboration, brings their jazz covers to town

    With their upbeat sound, Latination is all set to woo the city’s jazz enthusiasts this weekend. The Kolkata-based Latin-jazz band is a collaboration between French musician Emmanuel Simon and Pradyumna Singh Manot, Premjit Dutta and Bijit Bhattacharya—and the quartet is already making a name for themselves with their Latin-American and Afro-Cuban cover line-up. Assuring us that the country is well versed with different music genres, Simon says, “There are thousands of ways to improvise jazz music. You can change the harmonies, the song structure, rhythm and loops.”
    A music student from Paris, Simon had come to India in 2011 to study Hindustani music. At the Rabindra Bharati University in Kolkata, he met his future band members, who were a part of a band called Los Amigos. After their band split, Simon started Latination in November last year. Explaining the band’s name, he says, “It reflects how musicians from different nationalities and backgrounds came together to realise their love for Latin-jazz notes.”
    As fan of yesteryear Cuban band Irakere and musician Peruchin, he says his dream satge is Village Vanguard (New York), the Mecca for jazz. He adds as an afterthought, “Audience is (actually) the most important. It does not matter if they are limited in number, as long as they are truly enjoying our music.” Having toured Delhi, Bhopal and Pondicherry, this October will see the band in Kathmandu, Chandigarh and Pune.
    August 22, at Alliance Française, at 7 pm. Details: eventjini.com

    Ranjitha G


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