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    Your small business or start-up company can do better with help from these men from Weballigator a�� Joseph Rasquinha, Raju Monga, Zaheer Hussain and Syed Hussain. Describing it as a a�?system-dependant not people-dependanta�� software with unusual features providing training, HR services, email and communication, co-founder Rasquinha says ita��s a a�?no disruptions, no cost training tool available the world overa��.
    Apart from emails and messaging, WebAlligator is loaded with features such as Third Eye (an alert that checks everyonea��s mail in the company to scan for keywords), mMail (personal accounts for all employees) and Snapshot (automatic data on all aspects of a company). a�?So there is no need to worry if the accountant or HR executive doesna��t show up one fine day,a�? he says.
    Costing Rs.9,999 you get 500 logins and 17 (and counting) features, including Grapevine which alerts you 24/7 on the company chat with keywords customised to your benefit. Plus, an app for phones to ensure mobile productivity. a�?All features come together at one price whether you use 1 or all 17. We also offer 10 logins free for the company and do the initial setup,a�? says the founder, elaborating that they have added 3,500 clients since they began in 2014.
    a�?Weballigator is simple. You just register, give us some basic data and we do the initial setup and data entry for you,a�? Rasquinha says. We love that even attendance is easy to keep track of with a message alerting administrators of who has come in, at what time, leaves taken, and leave balances!
    a�?With no change in prices, we plan to add regular features every quarter. Already at 17, it will only become more useful and vast. We will also be adding an e-commerce storefront for each client so they can (if they want to) have their products and vendors doing business through their personal e-commerce page,a�? Rasquinha signs off.
    Details: weballigator.com
    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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