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    A�Dim sum lovers can indulge to their hearta��s content at this Michelin-starred spot in town

    Yauatcha, the uber-chic, Michelin star Chinese restaurant in Soho,A�London,A�is making its presence felt in namma Bengaluru. Fashionably conceptualised after the tea and dim sum eateries in China, Yauatcha is modern with clean lines and open dining spaces with a view of the busy kitchen. Yauatcha, the name is a melange of the owners, Alan Yaua��s surname and a�?chaa�� which means tea. There in lays the secret of the restauranta��s success. If one can enjoy the ambience and the chefa��s devotion to taste and not be intimidated by the fancy names on the menu or the portion sizes, then Yauatcha can give one a true blue culinary experience.

    We sampled their newly introduced Sunday brunch menu that come with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and are served at your table. The portions are bite sized, beautifully presented and completely delicious.

    We started with their hot and sour chicken soup and a mixed salad that was fresh, crisp and hugely refreshing. I must admit that their Cha la Lai cocktail (Belvedere vodka, black grapes, oolong tea with apple juice and champagne) went very well with the first course. What followed were their famous dumplings. We ordered a mix of the vegetarian dumplings for the vegetarian guests at our table. The small translucent shiitake mushroom, chive and crystal dumplings (perfectly pleated) were excellent as were the Hargau (white sticky bun stuffed with a spicy fragrant pork mince) and the chicken and prawn shui mai. We also ordered the crispy duck roll and the fried turnip cake with vegetables from their pan fried or baked options. The turnip cake has become one of their signature dishes, and even for a die hard non-vegetarian like me, the crispy morsel was heavenly.

    What I love about Yauatcha is their wide variety of ingredients and cooking techniques. Tossed, steamed,A�baked and fried a�� to keep your tastebuds on high alert. We nibbled our way through their small eats (I love that word) from a superlative chilli fried squid with oatmeal and pandan leaf to a platter of French beans with shiitake mushrooms. After braving the scathing looks from our vegetarian companions as we scoffed down their delicious vegetables, we quickly ordered a portion of the most deliciously simple egg fried rice with long bean and Ho Fan noodles with a side of Szechuan mabo tofu and stir fried lamb with granny Smith apple (a fancy name for tart, tough fleshed green apple from Australia). Needles to say we were left licking our chopsticks.

    Not satiated with the copious amounts of fragrant jasmine tea, we split a dessert platter. The religieuse (butter soft choux buns stuffed with pastry cream and lathered on top with chocolate ganache) was the coup da��etat of the meal, overthrowing the rest of the desserts easily, though I must admit the chocolate hazelnut mousse and the macaroons too, fought a brave battle.

    Yauatcha is definitely a fine dining restaurant and should definitely be on onea��s a�?must-visita�� list.

    Sunday brunch for two with a choice of two
    cocktails is Rs2500.Details: 30412940

    Rubi Chakravarti



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