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    Renting rooms with your significant other made easier

    Moral policing in India ensures that holidaying or booking hotel rooms with the opposite gender is never easy. Prying eyes are ever present, no matter what your intentions. Luckily, the tech market has sniffed out this problem and found solutions. Herea��s a look at apps and websites that make your accommodation process hassle free. StayUncle

    This startup hit the news recently for being the first hotel booking service for unmarried couples. What was initially meant to be just another booking aggregator by BITS graduate, Sanchit Sethi, soon became a speciality service for couples because they found the need for it. The rooms can be booked for 10 hours instead of the usual 24 hours. It only recently became available in Bengaluru. Details: StayUncle.com

    Oyo Rooms
    Oyo Rooms has been at the forefront of the hotel booking aggregator industry for the past few years. They promise low budget rooms and quality hotels on the go. The app recently launched a feature especially designed for unmarried couple-friendly rooms. Called a�?Relationship Modea��, the feature is available on the website and the app.
    Details: oyorooms.com

    If indifferent hotels are not for you, try Airbnb. Local users in the city sign up and offer their rooms or homes to guests. While all homes may not be as accommodating, most are upfront about their rules and do not mind couples staying over. They even have easy refunds if things arena��t to your liking. Details: airbnb.com

    Couchsurfing.com is a website that lets you connect with locals and stay in their homes for free. It is a great way to meet other travellers in the area and get an idea of the locality. You can search for hosts using several filters such as age, location, languages spoken, and gender. Usually, these hosts never have a problem with couples or groups with mixed genders.
    Details: couchsurfing.com

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