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    New Girl star Lamorne Morris on playing Winston and sharing bad jokes with the cast.

    Actor Lamorne Morris feels like he is on top of the world. The Chicago-based actor made his debut feature film with the Barbershop sequel this yearai??i??which even saw him share screens with Ice Cube and Nicki Minaj. But the 33-year old feels more connected with the out of work basketball star Winston in the New Girl series that is back on air with season five. We spoke to Morris for more insights.

    On the sets?
    Morris: On our first day of shooting itself the cast was so funny and the way the writers interact with us and allowed us to improvise and throw out jokes for us and stuff. It’s almost like we have no way to lose. We also have this messaging group where we share theAi??lamest jokes from the Internet.

    Are Winston and Morris the same?
    M: Winston I like to say is pretty stupid. I sometimes find myself outside of work playing that character because it’sAi??a fun thing. I would love for him to grow in certain aspects like, date someone other than his cat.
    Do you think he’s going to find love this season?
    M: I think he will. We’re going to just bring Rihanna. Winston and Rihanna. I think thatai??i??s a real thing.

    Do you get recognised a lot?
    M: I do. It’s fun. I’m very appreciative of it because there was a time when I was a struggling actor, and I was looking for quarters on the ground to buy food at the grocery store. And then you go from that to people, who want to take a photo with you when you’re at the grocery store.
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