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    The Golden Symphony Tour comes to India after its success at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles

    60-year-old celebrated cellist, two 20-something musician-siblings, and music inspired from as far as Bach and as close as the trioa��s common denominator,A�the lateA�Pandit Ravi Shankara��the Golden Symphony Tour by the sitar-sarod-cello trio seems like a lesson in collaboration.
    In sync
    The upcomingA�jugalbandhi in the garden cityA�will bring together Barry Philipsa��a high-powered cellist with an 18-year association with Ravi Shankara��and the grand disciples of the ace sitarist, sitar- sarod duo, Lakshay and Aayush Mohan. This is part of a three-city tour, bringing to India the trioa��s concert which they had performed last April at the prestigious Grammy Museum, LA, as part of a special exhibit celebrating the music of Ravi Shankar. It kicks off in the capital on July 23. a�?At the concert, we played Ravi Shankara��s Raag palas kafi,a�? explains Lakshay. It also marked their first performance with Phillips, who worked as a composition assistant with the legend. a�?I started training with Ravi Shankar as a cello student. He was in need of someone to write down his compositions in western music for the string instrument parts and I filled in there. Wea��ve worked on several projects together since,a�? explains the California-based artiste, who, interestingly, received the Best World Music Grammy as producer and engineer of Ravi Shankara��s The Living Room Sessions, Part I, in 2013..
    Grabbing the spotlight
    His young collaborators from Delhi trained under Balwant Rai Vermaa��considered the senior-most disciple of Ravi Shankar. a�?Wea��re planning a few duets of the sarod and the sitar, and revisiting some of the old compositions of the maestro,a�? explains Lakshay, the older of the two siblings, while Aayush adds, a�?There will also be a new compositiona��a blend of the classical styles of both Indian and Western music. The western components are inspired by Bacha��s Cello Suites, while the Indian part is based on the South Indian ragam, Keeravani,a�? he says. This was a raag thatA�Ravi Shankar had adapted to the Hindustani school of music, he explains. a�?Wea��re calling this not-so-happy piece, which is based on illusions, Meandering Shadows,a�? Phillips chips in. The cellist sensation, whose only other performance in India was in 2009, with Anoushka Shankar, says he will also present at the concert a folksy Swedish tune, Gycklarpolskan, that featured in his 2000 album, Cello.A�After Bengaluru, the trio is headed to Mumbai.

    OnA�July 29, Chowdiah Memorial Hall,A�Bengaluru, From 7 pm. Rs 325A� to Rs 863.A�Details: bookmyshow.com

    A�a�� Sharadha Narayanan


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