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This show pushes audiences to get out of their comfort zone

Chairs a�� you cana��t live without them, sure, but they arena��t what one might consider particularly inspirational. However, for artiste, Archana Kumar, theya��re anything but. During a casual conversation with a friend last year, she got talking about the value of chairs, which slowly progressed into a philosophical discussion on getting out of her comfort zone. a�?I wanted to question the notion of our comfort zone, and see if we can push ourselves to be something more,a�? begins the artiste, who will be staging The Comfort Zone, a devised performance installation, alongside dancer, Nakula Somana.
Giving the audience a completely interactive experience, right from start to finish, it starts off as they ascend the stairs to the performance space. Lining either sides of the corridor will be body work artistes, such as dancers and actors with flower pots balanced on their shoulders. The first part of the main show features a classical ballet performance with movements resembling boxing, choreographed by Kumar herself. The seating arrangement is flexible a�� there are chairs of all shapes and sizes tied to the ceiling and the audience is encouraged to untie the chair of their choice and take a seat, or continue standing if they so desire. a�?I wanted to see if therea��s a way for the audience to participate with more than just their eyes,a�?says Kumar. During the performance, there will be projected clips that will talk about gender, social, political and environmental issues, making this more than just a visual treat. The music a�� ambient, and what Kumar describes as a�?undergrounda�� a�� is done by Rahul Giri of _RHL and Kamal Singh.
The second part of the show sees Kumar take on the role of a disgruntled diner, who is pondering about the best way to eat a piece of raw fish. a�?Ita��s a Butoh-inspired, physical theatre piece. Here, the fish is used as a metaphor for the dying environment, the dwindling water bodies and endangered species ,a�? she signs off.
Today. Tickets Rs 200. At Shoonya, Bannerghatta Road. 7.30 pm. Details: 9880086501
-Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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