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    City filmmakers come together to present Bench Talkiesa��The FirstBench an anthology film produced by Karthik Subbaraj

    According to director Karthik Subbaraj, 32 short films should not be a visiting card to meet big producers. a�?My advice to directors is not to make a film just to add it to your portfolio. There is much more to a short film,a�? says the Pizza director who is producing his first anthology film, Bench Talkiesa��The First Bench under his1 venture Stone Bench Creations. He is also directing one of the films in the compilation, distributed under the banner, Bench Flix. a�?Six films will be compiled into a single feature. The format was previously followed for Bombay Talkies and a Malayalam film, 5 Sundarikal. Each film in Bench Talkies follows a different genre and format,a�? says Subbaraj, who selected the six from 2,000 entries. The five young directors (all under 30) include Anil Krishnan, Gopa Kumar, Charukesh Sekar, Monesh and Rathnakumar R M, and share a background in film making.

    Space to experiment
    Rathnakumar is offering a teenage love drama. a�?All the other films deal with heavy subjects. My part will balance it out. I add the commercial aspect to the film,a�? says the director, who is thankful for such a platform. a�?Usually, we have to go to several offices, convince the director, get a producer and then direct a film. The other route is to join as an assistant and then somehow convince a producer to get your film approved. All of this takes a long time. This platform helps directors like me to show my talent,a�? he says.

    Getting heard
    Monesha��s film will deal with social issues. a�?The story is about a school boy who faces abuse of a different kind. I wanted to bring awareness on this subject on YouTube and Facebook, but didna��t get an appropriate response. A few years ago nobody even knew about DSLR or short films. I know these 10 minutes are very precious and I have used it productively. The best part about short films is there are no restrictions and censor board regulations to deal with,a�? he shares. Gopakumar, whose film comes second in the compilation, is presenting a psychological thriller. a�?The film deals with the coalition of consciousness. A guy might be consciously proposing to a girl for the first time, but inside his head he must have done it a 100 times. We are experimenting with this concept and the film deals with a lot of chaos,a�? he says. And bringing a noir drama to the mix, is Sekar, whoA� signs off saying, a�?It is a laid back abstract film.a�?
    Bench Talkies a�� The First Bench is scheduled to release today.
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