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    What Smallya��s lacks in size it makes up in flavour

    Recently opened along Ulsoor Lake, Smallya��s is quite literally modelled after its name. Not for anyone above six feet, the decor is rustic with a wooden stairway leading up to a cosy seating area for just six tables. Hipster posters, quirky quotes, planter boxes and vintage blinds transport you to the 80s and the food takes you to a diner in the heart of the American Bible belt, with a mix of Mexican, Italian and Spanish too.
    Disco chicken and Lord of the Wings served as starters for the evening. Apart from the cool names, we loved the Disco chicken a�� strips of chicken in a sweet and spicy sauce. While the wings were not too far off the mark, the overwhelming flavour of ketchup in the BBQ sauce was a slight let down. Small eaters skip the appetisers in favour of a sinful milkshake. The snick-her (made of Snickers, of course) is great as is the brownie shake, laden with real gooey chunks of the chocolate dessert.

    Bite sized
    For something snacky, sandwiches, from mushroom and vegetables to ham and chicken, are ideal, coming with French fries and coleslaw. a�?Egga��citable diners can tuck into stuffed omelettes and egg ghee roast.
    Dona��t be fooled by the size of the cafe because their menu compensates. Apart from the usual paneer and vegetable burgers for vegetarians, there is also a crispy soya patty one which can fool even a meat eater. Try the chicken cafreal burger for a taste of Goa or go old school with the classic American beef burger. Vegetable, beef and chicken steaks also came highly recommended so we tucked into a chicken in pepper sauce one and were left gobsmacked, even ordering garlic bread to mop up the plate with. Italy is well represented with lasagnes, pasta and pizzas with all kinds of topping.
    End with a rich walnut and marshmallow brownie with ice cream if youa��re not counting the calories or a cheesecake for a lighter affair.
    Rs. 750 for two approximately. At Assaye Road. Details: 49653459

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