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The comic book community gets quirky characters by DI Comics

After conquering the digital space in Chennai, through their creative agency, Digitally Inspired Media, the company is on the comic book scene with DI Comics. The entertainment publisher will use the Mumbai Film and Comics Convention, slated for December 21-22, in Mumbai, as a launch pad their two series a�� Alien Raja and JDGAF (pronounced /Jay-dee-gaf/). a�?Wea��re always on the lookout for new concepts, ideas and with an enthusiastic, creative team, anything is possible,a�? says Surej Salim, who heads business and creative processes at DI Comics, adding, a�?with the aid of conventions like Comic Con India, we get inspired to do more.a�?

Comic relief
Their first effort, Alien Raja, is a satirical web series for young adults. It sees a Bollywood superstar touch down on an alien planet, Utopia, to co-exist with its inhabitants. Vineed Vijayan Ritchie, the artist heading the project, says, a�?The main aim to produce Alien Raja was to portray the stark difference between the a�?perfect worlda�� and a�?our worlda��.a�? And all because the Indian space station doesna��t care to rescue him.

Doing away with the stereotypes and judgemental nature of people, the second series, JDGAF (Just Dona��t Give A F***), is as rebellious as the name suggests. a�?JDGAF represents the countless years of suppression, oppression and depression and the resultant attitude of not giving a f***,a�? shares Salim, not giving away too much of the series as ita��s set for release tomorrow.
The event will also see the official launch of JDGAF merchandise (key chains, badges and coasters) with the theme revolving around the attitude and bold outlook todaya��s generation has. Look out also for their foray into gamification of Bollywood films and three new characters steeped in mythology.
At Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon.
Details: comiccon

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