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    Bangalore-based chain, Rahhams Families, brings its popular biryani and kebabs to town

    Eighteen years in the business, six outlets and one city. That’s been the calling card of Rahhams Families, one of Bangalore’s favourite destinations for biryanis and kebabs. So when we heard that they’d finally stepped into our neck of the woods, we wasted no time finding a table. Gutsily setting up shop opposite a popular local biryani joint in Anna Nagar, the week-old restaurant is packed on its second day of opening.
    “So far it’s mostly been word-of-mouth and the turn out has been great,” says Muddasir Abdul Rashid, who has taken over the reins of the ‘empire’ from his father, Abdul Rashid. “My father started his first outlet in our garage and served biryanis that were made using the family recipe, with spices mixed by my mother and grandmother, a tradition we still follow today,” he adds.
    SHOTS OF FOOD AT RAHHHAMS RESTAURANT FOR INDULGE-EXPRESS/P.RAVIKUMARTheir 22-page menu features tandoori, Chinese, Mughlai, South Indian and Arabic dishes, and we are first served a kheer to sweeten the palate, before a plate of tender and perfectly-spiced mutton chops arrive. Plates of pahadi kebab and chicken sholay follow. We polish off the former in minutes, but the latter is a tad too spicy for our taste. Buttery naans and a chicken dilruba (simmered in a cashew gravy) calm the tongue before their signature mutton biryani arrives. Delicately spiced, with mutton from Bangalore (“the meat’s softer,” says chef Abdul Latheef), it’s delicious, save for the generous helping of ghee.
    But not everyone’s meals seem to be going down so well. A few complaints of undercooked meat and sloppy service crop up, but Rashid assures us it’s just teething trouble. “Once we iron out the issues and guage the response, we plan to open more outlets in the city,” the 32-year-old tells us, adding that an outlet in Dubai is also in the offing.
    Meal for two at approximately Rs.700. Details: 26268700

    —Surya Praphulla Kumar


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