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    Motivational speaker Shweta Reddy on raisingA� go-getters.

    IT WAS three years ago that Shweta Reddy started conducting her popular motivational programmes. Barring decisions to not entertain schools (a�?more often than not I am made to wait by the authorities!a�?) and to reduce the duration of her classes to three hours (a�?not many find the idea of a day-long workshop appealing), it has been otherwise a joyride for the 47-year-old coach. Fresh from being certified as an emotional intelligence coach last month by Six Second, a Dubai-based NGO, she is currently framing the structure of her next category of workshops. a�?Based on emotional intelligence, these sessions will employ psychometric tools like questionnaires through which Six Second will provide a 30-page report to my clients based on their answers,a�? she reveals.
    The workshop tomorrow will focus on a�?learning to set goalsa��. a�?First of all I ask participants to write down their goals. Then they break down each of them into specific dimensions. For example, if one wants to lose weight, they need to tell me how much they want to lose and by what time on which day,a�? she explains, adding that other problems include feeling lost at school, not having friends, being made fun of, etc. a�?Once the children realise that they are not the only ones facing problems, they open up, share solutions and become friends, too,a�? she smiles. With a focus on strategies, positive habits, importance of deadlines, and so on, this workshop is checklist-worthy.
    Open to ages 13-18. Tomorrow, 9.30 am to 1 pm. Register for `2,500. Details: 9791165689

    a�� Karan Pillai


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