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    Raffa��s first collection of designer bags gives you leather in its minimalist form, with Nordic accents

    Distance and space are just a part of the design for Coimbatore-based Rashi Agarwal and Maurits Favier. Having invested their time working with some of the prestigious labels around including Victoria Grant London, Hidesign and Holii, the designer couple is excited about launching their own leather-based designer handbag label, Raff.
    Designed to fit seamlessly into the modern day womana��s wardrobe, Raffa��s first ever product line is meant to impress with quality rather than quantity. a�?I would rather have five perfectly thought-out products on offer than 20 mediocre products,a�? says Agarwal. With its newly launched website sporting five elegant designs done with attention to detail, Raffa��s products ooze sophistication with its inspiration drawn from the abstract philosophy of modern art. According to the model turned designer, a 1964-edition Praxis 48 electric typewriter by Ettore Sottsass and Hans von Klier has been instrumental while designing their current collection. a�?I took the negative space of the typewriter when viewed in a top angle shot, started sketching and the designs took shape,a�? says the designer in her late twenties.
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    Leather lovers are bound to fall in love with Raffa��s 2016 ensemble as hand stitched designs from the brand enshrines the finesse of buff leather in every single product.a�?Done using the saddle-stitch technique, the soft suede feel of buff leather is one of most interesting features of the collection,a�? explains Favier, a former businessman from Amsterdam. Since the label is adamant about its functional shapes and no chemicals philosophy, the use of this strong and thick material can only be seen as a fair yet aesthetic move. Raffa��s quaint little studio located in Coimbatore consisting of four people at the moment, is dedicated to sourcing talent from within India. a�?Each of our bags is stitched together by the skillful Indian artisans who are given high trading conditions, as we believe in and promote movements such as Make in India and Fair Trade. We are particular about sourcing our raw materials from the local cities,a�? concludes Favier.
    Rs.11,000 onwards.
    Details: shopraff.com
    a�� Arya P Dinesh


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