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    A new app lets you try out tattoos without really going under the needle

    Barbed wires, anchors, crucifixes and sun signs a�� tattoo designs represent anything nowadays. But a new app developed by four Ukrainian techies in Kiev promises to infuse new blood into tattooing. With new designs and augmented reality, it allows people to visualise the tattoos of their choice on their bodies before actually getting one. a�?The idea for Ink Hunter came to us during the brainstorming session of 48hackathon in July 2014 (now Spin Off hack) where teams create augmented reality apps,a�? begins Oleksandra Rohachova, CEO of Ink Hunter, who partnered with her friends Kateryna Khotkevych, Nataliia Martynenko and Dmytro Yatsyna at the hackathon. After its soft launch last year, an updated Ink Hunter was released in the Apple Store three weeks ago, and has already crossed 1.3 million downloads.
    Rohachovaa��s team had considered trying out clothes, furniture previews in a room and muscles on a body for an augmented reality-based app, before zeroing in on tattoos, as no mobile apps existed then for tattoos. Ink Hunter users can click pictures of their desired body part, and then project a tattoo of their choice (from the Ink Hunter tattoo library or user uploaded sketches) on the skin and get a picture of how the tattoo might look in person. Users can then share the pictures with their friends and family for an opinion before getting permanently inked. a�?We aim to connect other tattoo artists and parlours and transform the app into into a market place of sorts,a�? Rohachova concludes.
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