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By Adabai??i??s latest collection of bed linen is enriched with the properties of eucalyptus Effexor 37.5 mg price

ABHINNAV AGGARWAL believes that oneai??i??s bed should be extraordinary ai??i?? ai???especially when researchers tell us that one-third of our lives is spent sleeping or trying to sleepai???. Abhinnav, along with his father Sanjeev Kumar Aggarwal and brother Aditya, started By Adab, an online shop in 2009 to provide eco-friendly bath linen and towels to a discerning market. Now ready with their new collection of sustainable bed linen ai??i?? Ai??Mrs Eucacel ai??i?? they are offering 300 threads to 1,100 threads/ square inch (good sheets offer a thread count of above 200). Made of a high-grade fabric called Eucacel, it is a long-staple variety.
ai???Normally, such products are often exported, but I think people in this country deserve to use it as well,ai??? says Abhinnav. Ai??Expect to find bed linen in nine different shades and customised pillows (shape and size) as well.

ai???We donai??i??t use any animal products,ai??? assures the Delhi-based businessman while promising that their quilts are as light as feather made with a special six layer technology and with the top layer being microfibre. Flaunting the sheen of silk and comfort of cotton, what truly sets the collection apart is the fact that it is naturally Vitamin E-enriched since it is made from eucalyptus pulp and has anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. ai???These unique characteristics have fetched us the seal of approval from the government of India,ai??? says the entrepreneur, essaying how they use patented technology as well. Available in Drapes Nai??i??More, Abids and of course online.
Bed linen from Rs 7,850 onwards.
Details: 9818133733
ai??i?? Paulami Sen


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