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    Ancient Mughal-era recipes are replicated in a Park Hyatt promotion.

    EvEN if it is just parathas and kebabs, when you have Awadhi and Lucknowi cuisine on your plate, you are tasting history. That is what Lucknow-based chef Mujeeb-ur-Rehman is offering at Park Hyatt from today, as part of the hotela��s first Lucknowi food festival, called Daawat-E-Lucknow. In fact he tells me, a�?The dishes are inspired from early 19th century Awadhi cuisine, during the time of Wajad Ali Shah, the last Nawab of Oudh.a�? Sharing that his menu at the 10-day festival adheres to original recipes and flavours, Rehman also happens to be the founder of Kitchenette-E-Awadh, a Lucknow-based food services and consultancy firm, that specialises in cuisines of North West Frontier Province, Awadh, Rampur, Hyderabad and Kashmir.A� a�?Although this cuisine mostly consists of non-vegetarian dishes, I have come up with vegetarian versions of the same. For example, instead of the mutton in the peeli mirch tikka, I have used cottage cheese,a�? says the chef. Rich with spices like clove, saffron and cardamom, the spread also includes akbari nehra (lamb shanks stewed in stock with herbs) and paneer mast zaiqa (a recipe from theA� 19th century Imperial courts of Begum Hazrat Mahal of Awadh).
    October 14-23. From Rs 1,250 plus taxes onwards. Details: 71771234

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