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When you sang Take Me Down To The Paradise City by Gun na�� Roses, you could easily be referring to Hyderabad for Paradise biryani. But after they launched in the city last Sunday, Bangalore has turned Paradise city too. Or has it? While foodie social media sites went hyperactive after the launch, word has it that the iconic place is running more on their past reputation and folks returning from Hyderabad ferrying kilos of biryani home. But we did a little digging ourselves.

Whetting the appetite1601Food9Lead5
Start with their house specials like chicken 65, chilli prawn and Apollo fish, which we hear are spot on and pretty darned addictivea�� as in the original restaurant. And while there is vegetable and aloo biryani on offer (hmmm!), the mutton and chicken biryani is naturally their specialty. Hardcore fans will be pleased with the Paradise Special Supreme mutton biryani. a�?The meat is perfectly tender, falling off the bone as you would expect,a�? says Dhiraj Rana, who visits Hyderabad every month. a�?While it is tasty, it is also a bit greasy and the rice is not as fine. But generalising biryani is silly, as there are so many different kinds,a�? he says, assuring us that the standards of the original restaurant have stayed intact in Bengaluru as well.
Get grainy
A big fan of the franchise, Rahul Arun suggests you pair the special biryani with their Paradise Special chicken or mutton . A boneless version of murgh mussalam, the gravy adds some delicious spice to the rice. a�?Ia��ve also had the Nawabi chicken which is really rich and heavy,a�? he shares.
Vegetarians will have to be content with the rather predictable palak paneer, vegetable do pyaza and paneer butter masala on the menu. a�?Their kadhai paneer certainly spices things up and their malai kofta is tasty with a hint of sugar in it,a�? says vegetarian, Aditi D, who insists that the veggie versions of the popular biryanis are made with the same spices and techniques, so they pack quite a punch. a�?You feel like you are eating biryani and not some fried rice with masala!a�?
Do leave room for decadent house dessert specials like Hyderabadi khubani ka meetha made with apricots, honey and cream, topped off with almonds.

`1,000+ for two. At CHM Road, Indiranagar.
Details: paradisefoodcourt.com