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    Addicted to burgers? Sloppy Joea��s On The Go has cheesy and gravy-topped options, plus a challenge presented as three patties in a bun

    There are those who a�?thinka�� about opening a restaurant and those who dream of it. Avinash SL and Sandeep Soundappan are among the latter, who recently made that dream come true when they opened Sloppy Joea��s On The Go in May. With no background in the food industry, these youngsters (the former, a techie into cyber security and the latter, a management graduate) roped in chef Kaushik Shankar (The Mad Chef who has been adding his signature to several restaurants in the city off late) once they had decided that the addictive burger was their calling. But Joea��s, on Sterling Road, is not a restaurant a�� not yet at least. At barely 100 sq ft, it is a takeaway outlet, backed by a 3,000 sq ft central kitchen in Ambattur, that also caters to the two kiosks they have opened on Lloyds Road and Nungambakkam High Road.

    Point of control
    Before getting to the minced chicken gravy and cheese they offer, I must point out that the focus here is on convenience. They not only deliver to most of the central areas in the city, but have developed an app for smartphones, that allows you to place your order from wherever you are. On their menu youa��ll find a creatively named selection of burgers, hotdogs and for variety, burritos and nachos. Therea��s a regular chicken or vegetable patty in The Classic Joe, while The Juicy Lucy features cheese-filled patties. Our favourite was The New Yorker with a piquant mince chicken gravy topping the patty. But if you want more, ask for The Weiner Burger, that has sliced chicken sausages and a a�?nukeda�� egg stacked on the patty.

    Bun dilemma
    Perhaps it was bad luck (ours and theirs) that on our visit, some technical glitches at the central kitchen resulted in them having to source buns from outside, for a few days. Sadly, said buns put our jaws to the test and had us reaching for our glasses to wash them down. But the duo assure that they will be able to resume making the buns in just a few days. So therea��s two reasons we have for a second visit A�a�� to try their preservative-free in-house buns and to take part in their challenge of devouring a three patty burger (aka The Hulk) in under five minutes.
    Burgers from Rs.79 onwards. Mini burgers from Rs.39. Details: 9940777572

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