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Mighty Small restaurant, backed by names like Sachin and Virat, offers a quirky mix of fusion and DIY foodsA�

Good things come in small packages, especially when ita��s part of a big name. Smaaash, the gaming and bowling lounge, Hi-tec City, now has come up with its casual dining restaurant based on carnival theme. The food here is not only varied, but has an interesting fusion, too. The platter consists of typical Hyderabadi, Lebanese, Arabic items with interesting mixes like Andhra Style Fish with Masala Chips, Murgh Do Pyaza Chicken Tartlets, Pulled Chicken Masala Malai Buns and more. The platter looks even more appealing when you come back from a gaming session at Smaaash

The decor
The restaurant is just near the entrance. However, the blaring music from the gaming section fades as you move inside. Bright carnival lights arranged in patterns of huge stars welcome you. The tables are smooth and white above which hang carnival canopies fitted with lights. Their candy stripes add brightness to the place. The themed canopy lamps dangling near the chairs add their magic too. The floor sports a rugged look, perhaps to lend it a festive and casual look where families with children come running to grab a bite. The ceiling has the industrial look with pipes, wires and joints kept naked. At the extreme end of the restaurant is the dessert corner.

The drinks
Well, since this is a restaurant whose stake holders are sportsmen like Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli and Cristiano Ronaldo, the sections have been named accordingly. Thata��s how you come across section names like a�?Quick Runsa��, a�?Step Right upa�� and a�?Serving up Acesa��. Even the beverage section has names like Tendulkar, Kohli and Ronaldo Signature Cocktails. And what do you expect in such area of spins and throws? Cocktails like Feroze Shah Kotla, Wankhede, Old Trafford and Eden Gardens. They also let your customise your own drink and they have aptly named it a�?Design your own gamea��.

DIY food
The tray is served on your table and you prepare your own starter. For example we enjoyed a�?DIY Lettuce Wrapa��. Crispy fresh lettuce leaves with a variety of fills and sauces like chicken crumble, crushed peanuts, sweet chilli sauce and fried garlic. Wrap it like a betel leaf and enjoy that tasty bite. Similarly you can prepare the topping of your own bruschetta with olives, tomatoes, basil and masala keema. Some food items look interesting. We tried Bunny Chow. It is a log of bread that is scooped out and the hollow is filled with a curry. The top is capped with the slice of that very bread. The corporate F&B Manager Angad Chachra explains, a�?This dish originated in South Africa from the miners taken from British colonies. To save time and wrath of their owners the workers invented this bread cum curry. The weird name seems to be of people from two different countries.a�? They also have varieties of smoothies, lemonades and iced teas. They also serve Irani Iced Chai Latte and Rose Ice Tea. Price: Starts from Rs 250. Details: 44739999

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