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VidyaNext is building a network of a�?tech-equippeda�� tutors in your neighbourhood

Among the multitude of things, and people you can find in your neighbourhood, thanks to online networking platforms, ita��s now the turn of tutors. Benga-luru-based VidyaNext is building a network of home tutors in the city, who are equipped with a technology tool.
Ravi Kittu, VP (marketing) at VidyaNext, founded by Will Poole, and Pradeep Singh, says, a�?Tutors are like doctors. A doctor needs right tools to diagnose problems, provide specific treatment, and monitor progress of a patient. Similarly, tutors need the right tools to teach students, and deliver results.a�?
The technology used in this case is an Android tablet, loaded with course content mapped to a studenta��s school curriculum. It has features that help them to understand, practice, and memorise the concepts better, such as automatic scheduling of highly visual flashcards, and quizzes. Students are also awarded points, and rewards for their right learning behaviour. It is devised for CBSE, ICSE and SSLC students, with a focus on maths, physics, chemistry, and biology.
A class at home will involve 70 percent pen and paperwork, and the rest will be taught via the tablets. Tutors use reporting and collaboration tools to provide personalised attention. Parents are also part of The VidyaNext Tuition System. They use an app to track the progress of their child a�� from his attendance, chapters covered and practice done to test results. Look up the Vidyanext website to select from its list of 500-plus home tutors. For downloading the VidyaNext app on tablets, students have to visit the nearest of the 35 VidyaNext centres in the city, and pay `1,500 for the first subject.

Details: vidyanext.com
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