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    Finding that perfect shade of red lipstick can be tricky. But rather than trying a dozen at your local cosmetics store, make the a�?smarta�� choice. The latest crop of make-up apps will help you choose between shades and brands, virtually. Your only input: your picture. And with celebs like Shraddha Kapoor making the best use of such apps, ita��s only fair that you do, too.
    Lakme Makeup Pro: The latest in the app store, it lets you try on all the products in Lakmea��s vast arsenala��from eye shadows to lipsticks and foundation. With over 100 real-time cosmetic shades and 74
    recommended looks by in-house experts, the app also saves products for future online purchases. For Android users. Details: hul.co.in
    YouCam Makeup – Makeover Studio: Featuring over a hundred makeover and make-up combinations, it uses a�?circlesa�� (similar to Google+) to help you chat with friends, shop and even tag make-up
    products on social networks. With features like a skin editor (adjusts skin tone),
    hairstyle changer and an eyebrow editor (perfect your desired shape), it covers all the bases. Available for Android. Details: cyberlink.com
    La��Oreal Makeup Genius: Launched in March with over 4,000 La��Oreal products in its database, this app is one-of-a-kind. Unlike others where you have to upload a photograph, Makeup Genius allows you to work while in the camera mode. The best part? The make-up stays in place even if you move your face, thanks to facial
    recognition technology. Once done, you can save the final selfie and share it on social media. Available for Android. Details: loreal-paris.com
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