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    Web-based gadgets to apps, herea��s tech around the plate

    Eating is not just about putting a forkful of food into your mouth. Ita��s about serving sizes, calorie counts, water intake and exercises to burn the excess. From Lapka Organic (measures how organic your produce is) to TellSpec (detects allergens and chemicals), therea��s plenty of gadgets and gizmos out there to help you. Herea��s our pick:

    HapiFork: Fast eaters usually overeat, and overeating adds on the pounds. HapiFork keeps you in check by vibrating whenever you eat too quickly. Through its smartphone app, it also keeps track of how many forkfuls youa��ve had, frequency of bites and the duration of your meals. Details: hapi.com

    Prep Pad: Get that perfectly balanced meal with this smart kitchen scale thata��s connected to an iOS app. Place your ingredients on it, and the app will give you nutritional information based on its weight. Details: theorangechef.com

    BluFit: This smart water bottle hooks up to a mobile appa��via a Bluetooth chip (compatible with both iOS and Android)a��to monitor your hydration. Based on age, gender and outside temperature, it works out how much water you need, keeps track of when and how much youa��ve consumed, and alerts you when you need to take another sip. Details: blufitbottle.com

    My Meal Mate: Designed by scientists at the UKa��s University of Leeds, this app helps you monitor your food intake and exercise regime. It also lets you set a weight loss target and makes sure you stick to it by sending you weekly a�?progress cardsa�� via a text message. Free on play.google.com.

    Smart Knife: A work in progress, this concepta��s simplea��a knife (its blade doubles as a tablet) that gives information about nutrition, freshness and contaminants, as you slice your food. No word yet on its linked app. Details: electroluxdesignlab.com

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