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    As Mark Ruffalo gets ready for Now You See Mea��s sequel, he talks about his bond with the cast and the directora��s vision.

    AMERICAN actor Mark Ruffalo, known for his social and humanitarian works, recently attracted the ire of several scientists when he commented on the controversy surrounding the Flint (Michigan) water crisis, saying that it is not safe to take a bath in the citya��s water due to its lead content. Meanwhile, the Hulk star is all geared up for his next, Now You See Me 2a��where he reprises the role of Dylan Rodes, an FBI agenta��which boasts grander plot twists. The movie revolves around the four horsemen (Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco and Lizzy Caplan) who are on a new mission. The 48-year-old is also working on Thor: Ragnarok along with Chris Hemsworth. Here he talks about going back to an amazing cast and his excitement over working with Morgan Freeman again.
    How different is the sequel from the first part?
    The movies have the same joie de vivre that we have with each other
    (the cast) in real life. This is a little bit grander than the first one. The payoff is a final big magic trick that is mind-blowing and really satisfying.

    Can you tell us about the movie and the characters?
    Theya��re (the horsemen) trying to expose a tech upstart (Daniel Radcliffe) who has figured out how to put a backdoor on all kinds of encryption, in order to steal information.

    How was it to work with Morgan Freeman again?
    Morgan and I got to do a lot of stuff in the film. He was really like a blessing to me. Hea��s one of the great actors; someone I really look up to.

    Have your kids watched any of your movies? How did they react?
    The first time he (Keen Ruffalo) ever saw me on TV, I was away and he was there with the nanny. He saw me on TV and he ran to it and started banging on the side, going: a�?How is he? Papa! Papa! Come out, come out!a��

    How was it to work with directorA�Jon Chu?
    What he does beautifully is choreography. The way he moves the camera is really specific, but also really imaginative. He reveals the story like a magic trick. Hea��s brought the franchise a really high-tech feel.

    Could you tell us something about your upcoming movie, Thor: Ragnarok?
    Ita��ll be an intergalactic buddy road movie with Banner (Ruffalo) and Thor (Hemsworth). I think it will be smashing. Youa��ll see a lot more Hulk. Hulk-ier and bigger.

    The movie releases today.

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