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    The grills promotion at The Oberoi serves up everything from T-bone steaks to Norwegian salmon

    oberoi1A torch-lit setting with some candles on the table for extra lighting greeted us as we walked into the terrace of Le Jardin at The Oberoi to sample their grills menu. On for nine days, the star hotelai??i??s grills promotion showcases some of the finest cuts of meat, exotic seafood and sausages flown in from across the world. With the winter all set to give way for the summer heat in a few weeks, the restaurant seeks to make the most of the last few pleasant evenings to draw in guests. ai???Itai??i??s basically a celebration of meat. Weai??i??ve got T-bone steaks, lamb tomahawk chops, fresh scampi, rock lobster, Turkish sea bass, pork spareribs and a selection of others, on our specially curated menu,ai??? says Chef Ajit Raman.

    With the grills just a few feet away from our table, we were comfortably ensconced in our chairs and basking in the warmth of the fire as we chatted and waited for our meal to begin. We hit the ground running by starting with the T-bone steak. The light char paired with the smokiness is sure to make your mouth sing, and the drizzle of gremolata serves to add some tangy and fresh citrusy notes. Rather than using rubs, the chef has added flavour to the meats by brining them in a variety of spices and marinades. ai???When you add salt directly to the meat, it dries it out. This way, the moistness is intact,ai??? explains the chef.

    saladThe pork spare ribs, brined with Coca Cola and soy sauce was soft to the touch and succulent. The hint of sweetness was well complemented, again, by the gremolata. To go along with the meats, thereai??i??s also a line-up of homemade sauces such as barbecue and jalapeno. Our pick is the barbecue sauce, with a mix of sweet and spicy flavours. We found ourselves returning to the condiment throughout the course of the meal.

    Another must-try is the scampi. Cooked in its shell, we loved the interplay of crunchy and soft textures as we bit into it. A well-made Greek salad served next did well to cleanse our palates, before we were presented with an assortment of sausages ai??i?? pork bratwurst, pork curlies and chicken knackwurst. We highly recommend the bratwurst and suggest you pair it with the barbecue sauce for a match made in heaven.

    Rs 1,500++ per person. February 11 – 19. At The Oberoi, MG Road.
    Details: 25585858
    ai??i??Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo Over the counter orlistat


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